LASIK gained popularity due to its capability to convert the lower vision into a perfect 20/20 vision overnight after it was first performed in the late 1980s after which millions of people had it done and more are on verge of getting it done. LASIK laser eye surgery is a non-invasive technique and thus required just a few hours to heal properly. However, the question is, what is the right age to opt for LASIK? We have answered this particular question in this extract.

Too Young?

Generally, human body grows in size and shape until it reaches its point of equilibrium. When a young boy or girl observed lower vision, he/she had to opt for contacts or eyeglasses; however, with the increase in age, they can opt for LASIK for a perfect vision correction. However, it is essential to know the minimum age to answer the rhetorical question i.e. is it too young to opt for LASIK?. The human body is ever growing and to put things into perspective, a human eye grows in size and shape and thus, focal length because of which the prescription changes every year and therefore, the minimum age to attain equilibrium is around 18 years. Thus, people above 18 can opt for LASIK.

Too Old?

There is no fixed upper age limit for getting a LASIK done. Human body grows up till 18 years or so after which it barely changes expect to age. As soon as a person passes the age of 60, cataract could be an eye defect that he/she might attract; however, there is no set limit for getting a LASIK done as the technique is known to correct vision. Your ophthalmologist is the right person to instruct on your chances of getting a LASIK surgery done as previous medical history is essential in the decision.

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