Follow Up after Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is one of the most effective eye treatments which is used to correct the common vision problems and at the same time eliminate / reduces the dependency of the patient on glasses, contact lenses or spectacles. Lasik surgery involves creating a corneal flap which uses a laser to reshape the inner corneal surface. The Lasik Surgery reshapes the flap and the corneal tissue which needs to heal and re bond to the outer surface of the cornea but as eye as great healing power the entire corneal tissues heal very quickly and automatically. The healing process is of equal importance as that of the surgery process and as the cornea needs certain period to heal therefore special care and attention should be given to the care. You can undergo this treatment by consulting with the Lasik Laser Eye surgery in Mumbai and cure all your vision problems.

Most patients can resume their work after two days of rest. During first week of Lasik procedure, patient can read book, watch TV or work on computer; however, avoid going to crowded  or dusty places or splashing eyes with water  in order to minimize any risk of getting bacterial infection. One should avoid doing swimming, gardening and vigorous exercises at least two weeks. For follow up, Lasik doctors see their Lasik patients, next day of procedure, at one week, one month, three months, six months and then yearly, if there are no complications

The healing period and recovery

You may be surprised to know and see the quick healing of the corneal and the flap. The corneal tissue heals very quickly and you may return to your normal routine work within a week. The most surprising fact is that your eye sight returns very quickly with a better vision. However the complete healing period of the surgery takes a little time about 6 months. Within this periods all the vision problems you have been suffering with disappears automatically and some problems becomes very negligible and with time it also disappears. After the Lasik surgery you will experience a little irritation or discomfort but not pain and this irritation can be easily removed by putting eye drops as this drop helps in alleviating the discomfort and makes you feel better and gives you a clean vision. You need to use some eye drops and medicines for a while depending upon the situation and with time all the irritation will be eliminated. During this period you should take a proper care of yourself and should consult the doctor immediately if you find any type of irritation or vision problems. You can consult with Lasik in Mumbai and undergo this eye treatment process and make yourself free from all type of risks and vision problem.

Post surgery activities

This period after the Lasik surgery is called the post Lasik period which includes full care and healing and you need to follow up some procedures to ensure proper vision of your eye. Some of the major tasks you should do is after the surgery is over you need to consult with your eye doctor again and again for the first three months at least in order to check your eye and its healing conditions. After the healing has been done and your eye as well as your normal vision has been recovered then you can take appointment of the eye doctor annually just have an annual check up to ensure healthy eyes and vision. you even need to follow up the directions and prescription of your eye doctor. In the first week the doctor will prescribe you with certain eye drops which will help in removing the discomfort level and prevent you from all the infection. After a period of one month the doctor will start monitoring the healing process and ensure clean vision.

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