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    Aspheric Customized Lasik SURGERY IN MUMBAI

    Aspheric Lasik Laser Eye Surgery or Zyoptix Aspheric Lasik Surgery or CustomVue Lasik Surgery in Mumbai

    Aspheric Customized Lasik is not just a step up in technology, but rather redefines the very methodology that has been a hallmark in treating refractive errors of eyes since decades. This Lasik procedure effectively tackles the inherent glitches usually observed with traditional Lasik treatment.

    The use of Lasik Laser to correct refractive errors is no longer a novel approach. The uniqueness of the procedure lies in constant up gradation and merging of fresh new technology with the needs of a patient. Aspheric Customized Lasik is a testament to this fact. The aim of traditional Lasik procedure is to change the shape of the cornea to correct the underlying disorder. Thus, for people suffering from myopia the center of the cornea is made flat, while in hyperopic patients, the shape is steeper. This alteration in the natural shape of the cornea predisposes an individual to develop certain aberrations of higher order. Consequently, patients treated with simple Lasik procedure tend to develop glare, halos and other night vision problems.

    Aspheric Lasik treatment was invented to circumvent such side effects in-order to deliver a better quality vision to the patient. With conventional Lasik procedure, the corneal tissue is removed only form the center. This flattens the central cornea and makes it oblate (flat in center and steep at periphery) in shape. The Aspheric Lasik also shaves off the corneal tissue from the edges and periphery so that the resultant final cornea is prolate (steep in center and flat at periphery) and more natural in shape.

    This new technology is available in the market under different names like OPD CATZ Aspheric Lasik, Zypotix Aspheric Lasik or CustomVueTM Lasik. Companies such as Bausch & Lomb, Abbot Medical Optics, Nidek and other such big names in optics are actively involved in promoting Aspheric Lasik as one of a kind treatment modality for refractive errors. However, it is essential to note that such treatments are not for everyone. OPD CATZ is a procedure where any irregularity on the corneal surface is removed. Also, 15% more corneal tissue is removed to obtain a natural corneal shape. Needless to say this procedure is only suitable for people who have certain corneal thickness. Similarly, OATZ or Optimized Aspheric Treatment zone is for people who although have normal corneal surface but have poor vision due to a cornea that is not round enough.

    Aspheric Customized Lasik is one of a kind treatment option that provides excellent results and at the same time does not burn a hole in your pocket. For as little as Rs.45000 for both eyes you can forever rid yourself from glasses or contact lenses. A step up from Aspheric Lasik is the CustomVue Lasik Eye Surgery, which promises even better outcome with the new iDesign Technology. This state of the art treatment option is available to you for as little as Rs.50, 000 for both eyes.

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