Aspheric Customized Lasik

Starting Rs 19,000 / Eye

Aspheric LASIK is the latest advancement in Lasik Laser Technology, an advancement over Standard Lasik Laser Eye Surgery & Customized Lasik Laser Surgery by delivering more clearer & sharp vision to patient with less glare and halos at night.

Aspheric Customized Lasik

Aspheric Lasik Laser Eye Surgery or Zyoptix Aspheric Lasik Surgery or CustomVue Lasik Surgery in Mumbai

Aspheric LASIK (Rs 19000 / Eye) is the latest advancement in Lasik Laser Technology. In a very simple term, the new Aspheric Lasik Technology is specially designed to retain the original curved shape of the cornea. This is advancement over Standard Lasik Laser Eye Surgery & Customized Lasik Laser Surgery by delivering more clearer & sharp vision to patient with less glare and haloes at night.

Zyoptix Aspheric Lasik or CustomVueTM Lasik or Aspheric Lasik or OPD CATZ Aspheric Lasik are used are having similar treatment objective with minor difference because technology belongs to different companies, such as Basuch & Lomb, Nidek, Abbott Medical Optics ( Advanced Medical Optics)

CATZ Lasik means Customised Aspheric Treatment Zone. This allows patients who have higher refractive number to have the benefit of Lasik Laser Surgery. It involves using the OPD CATZ Lasik to correct all the irregularities on the surface of the cornea. It is not suitable for everyone, as it removes about 15% more tissue then the tissue saving option. This can decrease the night time symptoms associated with the standard LASIK system by helping to maintain the natural curvature of the cornea. It has also been shown to increase contrast sensitivity.

Customized Wavefront is used for patients whose eyes have irregularities on the corneal surface that require individual removal and who will benefit from Aspheric Treatment. Therefore, CATz (Optimized Aspheric Treatment Zone – Aspheric) means ‘not spherical/round’. Optimised Wavefront is for those with normal corneal surfaces but whose general shape of the eye is not optically round enough for perfect focusing. The Aspheric Lasik Surgery cost lowest in Mumbai at Rs 38,000 for both eyes and Advanced Aspheric Lasik Surgery having best treatment plan or number correction plan cost Rs 42,000 both eyes.

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Available Technologies

  1. Topo Guided Lasik
  2. Advanced Aspheric Lasik
  3. CATz / Z Sharp / Q Lasik

Aspheric Lasik Surgery Cost in Mumbai

Rs 24000 / Eye to Rs 25000 / Eye

Prices of Aspheric Lasik Surgery in Mumbai may varies & we run special discounts time to time so offer best value for money.


  • Remove Corneal Irregularities
  • Remove Optical Path Irregularities
  • Pupillary & Visual Axis Treatment
  • FDA Approved
  • Tissue Saving
  • No Halos, No Glare
  • 90 to 130 Micron Flap Thickness
Ms Sofee, 27Year, Female

I always wanted best Lasik Laser Surgery for my eye which should be latest in market. After seeing lots advertisement & online search I become confused & concerned whether I will ever get rid of Glasses. I sincerely give by gratitude to people for guiding us to best Lasik Centre & offering me lowest Lasik Laser Surgery rates for best Lasik Procedure.

Mr Tarun Chaudhary, 22Year, Male

My father needs very unbiased opinion for Lasik Surgery. Through, internet search we come across,, the expert in giving right advice about Lasik procedure in Mumbai. We followed the suggestion given by and opted for 100% Blade Free Lasik Surgery in Mumbai at lowest rates ever before. Best FDA approved technology combined with 100% Blade Lasik @ lowest rates given me best value for money results.

Mr Mukesh, 24 Year, Male

I was worried for my interview for which I need to have 6/6 vision without glasses & I am having no idea which centre to approach & whether it offer me best technology & doctor expertise at reasonable rates. Thanks to timely call & making all the things easier & simple. I have been through my interview & extremely happy to see world without glasses

Mr. Mohanty, 32Year, Male

I have been wearing Glasses for 13 years & desperately looking for Lasik Treatment for my Eyes. We are grateful for all support provided by guiding us to Right Lasik Laser Surgery at my nearest location of my residence. Now my vision is clear & sharp than before. Thank you

Ms. Ishita, 27Year, Female not only helped us in guiding right Lasik Laser Hospital but also help us in booking direct appointment for Lasik Counselling & Lasik initial investigations. I got best rates for Lasik treatment for my eyes & happy with quality of vision after Lasik Surgery. Thank you once again

Mrs. Kavita, 25 Year, Female

I was totally confused whom to believe & where to go. But unbiased guidance helped me getting Right Lasik Laser Surgery done @ reasonable rates. Now I am free of Glasses & Contact Lenses

Sudhanshu Gulati, Male, 29 Year

It is the best place for Lasik surgery. I was looking for a centre which offers the services at a reasonable price and I found out this one. This has got the best doctors working on your eyes. Everything was done in very precision way and the staff is also courteous. I would recommend this to my near and dear ones. Keep up the good work.

Chitra Sharma, Female, 22 Years

My brother wanted to get rid of his glassed as he was planning for arm forces. We came to know about Centre for Lasik Surgery Mumbai through google search & got the best discount for best lasik technology by best lasik laser eye surgeon in mumbai. He is now enjoying his life without glasses & very very happy, thank to you whole team, with best regards, Chitra

Nishant Sehgal, Male, 24 Years

I must say that the place is really good and has a good team of doctors. I did inquire abt the ilasik treatment at some other places but at the end got it done from Lasik surgery mumbai and i m really Happy abt it.I have been wearing specs since very long and now feels like a different person all together I would recommend this place to everyone

Rohit Kumar, Male, 26 Year

I had my lasik surgery there, they are very good at the service with latest technology and they care their patient very well............ pls go ahead with them if needed.

Naveen Kumar, Male, 29 Years

I am really thankful and so glad that I made my eye surgery from this place which is the best place for Lasik eye surgery in affordable price. From my childhood I used to wear glasses but in few minutes they make me free from my glasses.

Rohit Singh, Male, 31 Years

I had done my lasik treatment at Center for Lasik Mumbai. I was very pleased with the overall experience. Costing of the lasik procedure was also in my budget. Now my vision is normal. Thanks to Centre for Lasik Mumbai.

Shweta Katiyar, Female, 28 Years

I was using the glasses from last 8 years. At the time of my marriage, I planned for lasik treatment at Centre for Lasik Mumbai. It was 10-12 minute painless procedure. Now I can see without glasses. Thanks to Centre for Lasik Mumbai.

Anjali Pandey, Female, 34 Years

I have consulted too many centres for lasik treatment, their charges were too high which was not in my budget. One of my friends has recommended Centre for Lasik Mumbai, I contacted them and really amazed. The costing of same treatment and technology was approx. 20% low in compare to other centers. I have received excellent service and patient care both before during and after I had the surgery. I highly recommend this center for lasik treatment.

Adarsh Srivastava, Male, 23 Years

I am so happy to choose the Centre for Lasik Mumbai for lasik treatment. Everyone at the centre was fantastic. After pre-lasik checkup, they explained every single part of the process so clearly. Next day after the check-up, I got my lasik surgery done. It was the best decision I ever made. I am really very thankful to Centre for Lasik Mumbai.

Manish Pal, Male, 26 Years

I am glad to have had the lasik surgery at Centre for Lasik at very reasonable price. The staff and doctors have all been helpful. My power was -4 but after lasik, it is normal and now I can see without glasses. Thanks to Centre for Lasik Mumbai.

Bhawana Mishra, Female, 37 Years

I have had done my lasik procedure at Centre for Lasik Mumbai. I can't believe that I have no glasses, and I can see clearly. I did not feel any discomfort after the surgery, my vision was restored quickly. I am very happy with the treatment provided by Centre for Lasik Mumbai.

Ankush Chopra, Male, 20 Years

I was preparing for the merchant navy but my eyesight was weak due to which I might got rejected in medical. I planned for lasik treatment at Centre for Lasik Mumbai. The doctors and staff were very professional and provided me the best package for latest lasik technology. Now my eyesight is normal. Thanks to Centre for Lasik Mumbai and their whole team.

Avinash Kumar, Male, 31 Years

I was preparing for armed forces examination but my eye power was above 5. So I planned for lasik surgery. I visited to Centre for Lasik Mumbai. Their costing of latest lasik technology was in my budget. It was 10-12 minute procedure and they told me to take few precautions for a week. Now I can see clearly without glasses. I have also cleared my written and medical examination as well. Thanks to Centre for Lasik Mumbai.

Pooja Tyagi, Female, 29 Years

I was using the glasses for 12 years and really got fed up. I decided to go for lasik surgery but the price was too big for me. My teacher recommended the Centre for Lasik Mumbai. I consulted to them; their costing was in my budget. My eyesight was minus five, now it is 100%. It is hard to believe. Thanks to Centre for Lasik Mumbai.

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