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    Customized Wavefront Lasik SURGERY IN MUMABI

    Customized Lasik Surgery, C-Lasik, Zyoptix, CustomVue Lasik Surgery in Mumbai

    Customized WaveFront Lasik Laser Eye Surgery is innovation at its best. People who are dependent on glasses or contact lenses for a variety of problems, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism, can now look forward to a treatment, which not only improves both quality (visual acuity pertaining to fine vision and contrast sensitivity) and quantity (visual acuity measured on a standard 20/20 Snellen eye chart) of vision, but does so in a remarkably customized manner.

    At the center of this novel invention lays the WaveFront technology. Using this unique system, your Lasik surgeon is able to obtain a highly detailed analysis of not just the eye but also your entire optical system. Each individual eye has unique visual characteristics and the manner in which light travels through eyes also displays varied interpersonal differences. The specialized lasers used in WaveFront technology precisely measure the eyeball from front to back and create a 3-D image of the same. The information thus obtained is utilized in customizing a treatment plan unique to your own visual system.

    This customized approach to correct refractive errors of eyes has found immense success ever since it was first introduced in 2005. It is a step forward from the conventional treatment options where all individuals falling under a particular prescription (Myopia, Hyperopia) are treated according to a standard procedure. Some other noteworthy features of Customized WaveFront Lasik are:

    • Offers better outcome in terms of achieving 20/20 vision without glasses. It has also shown encouraging results in achieving better than 20/20 vision.
    • The probability of developing loss of visual acuity, night-vision disturbances and decreased contrast sensitivity, glares and halos is almost negligible with Customized WaveFront Lasik. This is also the preferred option for people who are unfit (people with large pupils, thin cornea or with history of failed eye laser treatments) for conventional Lasik procedures.
    • Customized WaveFront Lasik results in significantly improved day and night vision. During the procedure the advance laser system changes the shape of the cornea so that the new curvature is closer to that of a natural eye.

    C-Lasik or Customized Lasik treatment is ideal for patients looking for high quality at affordable prices. At just Rs 35, 000 (for both eyes) you can say bid Adieu to your glasses/contact lenses.

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