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Lasik is one of the most effective and the best eye treatment procedure which is used to correct the common vision problems like long sightedness, short sightedness, astigmatism and many other types of problem. It not only clears the vision but also helps in reducing the dependency of the patients on contact lenses and glasses. Just imagine the miracle of clear vision without the hassles of glasses and contact lenses for a long term by just going through a simple surgical operation process. This eye treatment process takes a period of 10 minutes on a maximum and at the same time you won’t go through any pain or discomfort as procedure performed under topical anesthesia. If you are planning to undergo this Lasik surgery in Mumbai to relive you from your vision problem, then simply call us or write us your query to get instant unbiased and lucid information on Lasik, helping Lasik seekers to improve vision very easily and effectively.Risk factor:

  • No guarantee of permanent elimination of glasses: sometimes there appears a situation when this surgery doesn’t completely eliminate the need for reading glasses and spectacles and especially for patients who are above the age of 40. For patients from other age groups that is below the age of 40 can have a guarantee of complete elimination of the dependency on the glasses, spectacles and contact lenses but others are reported to be wearing glasses during night as they face some difficultness in having a clear vision
  • Corneal flap concerns: sometimes the cornea may also not heal properly and quickly. The complete healing of the cornea depends and differs from patients to patient. Some patients may have their cornea healed within months while for some it may take longer period, the improper healing of the cornea may also lead to diseases like corneal ectasia dislocation that may cause dislocation of the corneal flap. With newer technology to create flap for Lasik, such as 100% Blade Free Femtosecond Lasik Surgery, the corneal flap concerns is almost eliminated.


The recovery of the cornea is very fast and you may be surprised to see the vision change and the clear vision which you may acquire immediately after the surgical procedure is finished. The patients can also be able to resume their work within 1-2 days and for some people it may take 4-5 days at a maximum.Side effect:

  • Dry eyes: one of the most common side effects of Lasik surgery is dry eye and generally patients experience dry eyes after a period of six months after the surgery and the main reason behind this is the negative effect of the surgery on the natural functioning of the eye nerves. This negative effect of surgery also reduces the ability of the eye to produce natural tears and moisture automatically or when needed.
  •  Vision disturbances: the another side effect of this surgery is visual disturbances in the vision like seeing starbursts, double vision, halos and some abnormalities. Sometimes people may even experience night blindness. These effects are not solely due to the surgery but also due to excessive work or driving constantly after the surgery. But with the coming up of the newer laser technology these types of side effects has been totally removed as lasers are more precise and effective in nature. And consulting with the doctors at right time can also prevent you from diseases.

More about LASIK surgery risks from the FDA

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