Check !! Whether Lasik suitable for your eyes !! Must know five Important tips, before you plan Lasik

6/4 Super Sharp Vision

Available Technologies

Contoura Vision

100% Bladeless
Remove Corneal Irregularities
Pupillary & Visual Axis Treatment
Tissue Saving
No Halos, No Glare
90 Micron Flap Thickness

6/4 Super Sharp Vision

Available Technologies

Contoura Vision

Remove Corneal Irregularities
Remove Optical Path Irregularities
Pupillary & Visual Axis Treatment
Tissue Saving
No Halos, No Glare
90 Micron Flap Thickness

Available Technologies

Custom Lasik

Remove Corneal Irregularities
Remove Optical Path Irregularities
Pupillary Axis Treatment
FDA Approved
Best Value for Money
130 Micron Flap Thickness

Available Technologies

Contoura Vision

100% Flapless & Bladeless
Remove Corneal Irregularities
Pupillary & Visual Axis Treatment
Tissue Saving
No Halos, No Glare

Freedom from Glasses

Experience Super Sharp HD Vision after Contoura Vision

If you are looking for glasses free life, then Lasik is the right choice for you – it is a ten minute daycare procedure which is painless, safe, and offers fast recovery of vision. Before planning for vision correction procedure, you must know whether you are right candidate for lasik or not. You can schedule a free Lasik counselling session from our experts!!

Say No to Glasses

Super Vision - Experience True Colors, Sharpness after Contoura Vision

HD Laser Vision Technology

Real Customized Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction based upon 22,000 Corneal Data Point - No Halos, No Glare

Sharpness never before

Pupillary & Visual Axis Treatment

Offer best depth of vision & clarity compared to standard Lasik

Unmatched Clarity in Vision

Tissue Saving Technology

Required lesser corneal tissues to correct eye number

Better Corneal Strength & Less Dryness

FDA Approved Laser

Meet stringent International guidelines & offer highest safety

Specs free Life in 10 minutes

Make an appointment

    Just 10 Mins Procedure

    Experience Life Without Eye Glasses & Contact Lenses

    • No Blade
      No Blade
      100% Blade-less technology offers unmatched preciseness & recovery
    • No-Pain
      Laser vision correction is just a 10 minutes safe & painless procedure
    • No Stitch
      No Stitch
      Self sticking characteristic of cornea make it 100% stitch-less procedure
    • No Bandage
      No Bandage
      Just Walk in & Walk Out Laser Procedure
    • No Injection
      No Injection
      Just Eye drops are sufficient to make your eyes ready for procedure
    • Fast Recovery
      Fast Recovery
      99% resume normal routine work from very next day with all precautions

    What our patients say

    Ms Sofee, 27Year, Female

    I always wanted best Lasik Laser Surgery for my eye which should be latest in market. After seeing lots advertisement & online search I become confused & concerned whether I will ever get rid of Glasses. I sincerely give by gratitude to people for guiding us to best Lasik Centre & offering me lowest Lasik Laser Surgery rates for best Lasik Procedure.

    Mr Tarun Chaudhary, 22Year, Male

    My father needs very unbiased opinion for Lasik Surgery. Through, internet search we come across,, the expert in giving right advice about Lasik procedure in Mumbai. We followed the suggestion given by and opted for 100% Blade Free Lasik Surgery in Mumbai at lowest rates ever before. Best FDA approved technology combined with 100% Blade Lasik @ lowest rates given me best value for money results.

    Mr Mukesh, 24 Year, Male

    I was worried for my interview for which I need to have 6/6 vision without glasses & I am having no idea which centre to approach & whether it offer me best technology & doctor expertise at reasonable rates. Thanks to timely call & making all the things easier & simple. I have been through my interview & extremely happy to see world without glasses

    Mr. Mohanty, 32Year, Male

    I have been wearing Glasses for 13 years & desperately looking for Lasik Treatment for my Eyes. We are grateful for all support provided by guiding us to Right Lasik Laser Surgery at my nearest location of my residence. Now my vision is clear & sharp than before. Thank you

    Ms. Ishita, 27Year, Female not only helped us in guiding right Lasik Laser Hospital but also help us in booking direct appointment for Lasik Counselling & Lasik initial investigations. I got best rates for Lasik treatment for my eyes & happy with quality of vision after Lasik Surgery. Thank you once again

    Lasik Experience
    Lasik Counselling Done
    Rs 18000+
    Avg Discount

    Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Mumbai

    Starting from Rs 8999 per Eye Lasik Eye Surgery Cost or Lasik Surgery Cost. Centre for Lasik Mumbai offers instant, candid & lucid information about Lasik Surgery in Mumbai, meeting specific patient requirements, shows you steps to avoid problems, and answers just about all your Lasik questions. It is an effort helping Lasik Laser Surgery seekers by counselling & guiding them for selecting most safe, reliable & lowest rates for Lasik Procedure. This website is a FREE RESOURCE for types of lasik, its cost & latest technology, launched with an objective to create greater awareness online about Lasik Surgery in Mumbai or Lasik in Mumbai or Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai or Lasik Laser Eye Surgery or Lasik Laser Surgery.

    Centre for Lasik Mumbai is a joint effort by a leading Lasik Laser Eye Centres in Mumbai, offering Most Reasonable Rates, without compromising on Quality of Treatment. Our Super Specialty Eye Hospital use latest Lasik Technology approved by FDA for vision correction. Our Experts has performed over thousands of Laser Vision Correction procedures & considered best lasik surgeon in World. If you are looking for permanently Getting Rid of Glasses or contact lenses, then we have the right solution for you. We help you from guiding to direct appointment booking to Getting Reasonable Rates for Lasik Laser Surgery in Mumbai. We devoted to help you to get the safest, most effective treatment for your specific needs. We know you want affordable, quality care. We can avail you best Lasik Rates which has no hidden charges with great care, help, one-on-one service. Our Lasik counsellor will directly answer your queries, and we’ll walk you through a smooth Lasik Laser consultation, investigation scheduling to treatment process.

    What is the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Mumbai?

    Lasik laser eye surgery cost depends on Lasik technology you choose and level of experience of Lasik surgeons. With the evolution in Lasik technologies various categories are formed to provide the better vision. Any surgical procedure that you select can take place only after a careful assessment of the eye and the type of refractive problem the eye is having. The eye specialist of Lasik laser eye surgery along with his team of skilled staff will take care of your eye before and after the surgery. The goal remains same at Lasik in Mumbai for all the patients of Lasik surgery that you have a clear vision that your desire and deserve.

    Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery Market Cost / Price / Rates in Mumbai INR 48,000 (both Eyes) with SBK Technology / INR 65,000 (Both Eyes) with 100% Blade Free Technology. Contoura Vision Cost is lowest in whole market, if you want to avail, submit your request today – If you are looking for Contoura vision surgery cost in AIIMS, Eye7, Dr. Rahil Chaudhary.

    Contoura Vision Lasik – A Topography Guided Lasik Surgery – The Latest FDA Approved Technology For Vision Improvement And Astigmatism – Contoura Vision Lasik. Contoura LASIK provides comprehensive details of the corneal structures which is very useful during the highly personalized surgical procedure. The latest topographer measures all the unique, and previously immeasurable, characteristics of the patient’s eyes. This data is very useful for the ophthalmologist to develop a detailed profile of the patient, and design a very effective, individualized, and customized eye surgery. Contoura LASIK is suitable for patients who have nearsighted vision problems with or without astigmatism. Astigmatism sounds like an eye disease or eye health problem, but it is not. In fact, Astigmatism is similar to nearsightedness or farsightedness, because it is also a refractive error with problems related to how the eye focuses the light on retina. In this condition, The cornea or lens deviate from the spherical curvature and the light does not focus properly on the retina.

    Best Contoura Vision Surgeon in Mumbai – When selecting the top Contoura Vision surgeon in Mumbai, it is important to consider various factors such as the surgeon’s experience, patient feedback, diagnostic process, treatment recommendations, number of successful surgeries performed, and positive outcomes achieved.

    Our surgeon are foremost pioneers of Contoura Vision correction surgery in India, who has been a prominent figure in advanced eye care for over three decades. He was the first surgeon to conduct a live Contoura procedure in the country, and has assisted numerous patients in improving their vision, restoring their sight, and enhancing their quality of life. With extensive expertise and remarkable achievements in the field of eye care, our lasik or contoura vision surgeons is the most reliable choice for individuals searching for a Contoura Vision surgeon in Mumbai.

    Best Hospital / Clinic for Contoura Vision Surgery – There are several excellent hospitals in India that offer Contoura Vision eye surgery, such as L.V. Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai, AIIMS. Centre for Lasik offer choices to choose best hospital for contoura vision with high discounted cost & considered to be the top choice for Contoura Vision surgery in Mumbai region. Our skilled contoura vision experts at Centre for Lasik Hospitals provide exceptional and valuable services to patients seeking Contoura Vision Correction. They meticulously review the patient’s medical history before implementing any surgical procedure, ensuring the best possible outcome.

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