Which Lasik Technology is best

Over the two decades, the technological advancements in Lasik Lasers have revolutionized the field of vision eye correction surgery to have greatly increased the safety, efficacy and predictability of procedural outcome. Excimer Laser used in Lasik Surgery has the unique ability to re shape the surface of corneal layer called stromal bed with a great degree of accuracy.

There are various FDA approved Lasik Laser Technology are available in Mumbai market; however,  one is not surely “better” than another. The best Lasik Laser for patient planning for vision correction surgery depend on requirements, such as type & degree of vision error, pupil’s size, thickness of cornea, expertise of surgeon  & the budget of patient. The skills & experience of Lasik Surgeon are imperative & far more critical factors for an accurate evaluation & suitability of Lasik for final outcomes than subtle differences between various Lasik Lasers technology in market.

All FDA approved Lasik Lasers Systems meet safety and effectiveness criteria; however, the differences among these technologies are the patterns of delivering the laser beam &  tracking system of laser beam during surgery. These are the following type of laser beams used in various FDA approved Lasik machines in Mumbai

  • Flying Spot Scanning Lasers
  • Slit scanning Lasers

Customized Lasik or Wavefront Guided Lasik or Wavefront Optimized Lasik maps the aberration or irregularity in the eye’s optical system with the help of device, guiding the Lasers whether spot or slit scanning to reshape the corneal surface to deliver clearer & sharper vision. These wave front technology offers customized vision correction which is unique to individual patient. The wavefront guided vision correction surgery can be done on both slit scanning and flying spot scanning lasik lasers systems.

Although various FDA approved Lasik Technology available in Mumbai, yet Lasik Surgeon’s skills, expertise and suitability as a candidate for Lasik Surgery –  are crucial factors affecting Lasik Surgery outcome

Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery (Topo Guided Laser Technology)

Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery – Cost in Mumbai INR 65,000 (Both Eyes) with 100% Blade Free Technology. A Topography Guided Lasik Surgery – The Latest FDA Approved Technology For Vision Improvement And Astigmatism – Contoura Vision Lasik.  Contoura LASIK provides comprehensive details of the corneal structures which is very useful during the highly personalized surgical procedure. The latest topographer measures all the unique, and previously immeasurable, characteristics of the patient’s eyes

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