Lasik Myths Vs Facts

Facts and myths has always been the power of influencing people and their decisions. For everything in this world there are some facts that are true and some myths which are totally a fiction but it takes a lot of time and effort to separate the facts from this fiction. Some popular facts and myths going around among the people about Lasik, suppress the opinion of the people about the Lasik surgery. Lasik eye surgery in mumbai is the easiest way of curing your vision problem and making you away from the contact lens and glasses.

Myth-1 Lasik takes a lot of time for recovery and is very painful

This is a very popular myth going around while the fact is that the patients return to their activity just the day after the surgery or operation has been performed and they do not find any difficulty in working the day after the procedure. The patients even feel and observe an instant improvement in their vision just after their surgery and it improves entirely just the day after their surgery. The patients undergone this surgery feel that there was a very little pain and all their worries were worthless and the eye drop numbs the pain.

Myth-2 Lasik doesn’t perform long term cure and is just new to the world

This myth has created a fear in many minds while the research department has accepted that Lasik is the best treatment available for short sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism and has been proved in the medical world after the using it for 20 years. Millions of people have undergone this surgery with different procedures and have been fully cured from their respective diseases.

Myth-3 Lasik doesn’t treat the astigmatism vision problem

Newer technology in Lasik has overcome the problem of astigmatism correction. Now, the fact is Lasik surgery for astigmatism provides the patient with a better quality of vision as compared to that obtained with glasses or contact lenses. This surgery has been doing very well for astigmatism and many individuals have already gone through this process and have found clear and proper vision.

Myth-4 Lasik surgery creates night blindness

Night blindness is one of the most fearing concern which people are very much afraid of and with this myth people become very conscious while undergoing the surgery. Over a period of two decade Lasik Technology has evolved to highest level of precision & accuracy to overcome problem of night vision concern or halo concern. But the fact is Lasik Laser Surgery minimizes the risks of developing any side effects and hence you can be sure of the fact that this surgery won’t result in night blindness which was a side effect of this surgery in the very past.

Myth-5 old people are restricted from undergoing this surgery

This myth had restricted many old aged people from undergoing this surgical treatment while the fact is that this surgery doesn’t have any effect related to the age and every set of people can undergo this surgery. The procedures of surgery are made different for different age sets of people which make the treatment fruitful and cure the entire vision problem. While the majority of the patients are under the age of 18-40 but this surgery can be implemented for all ages of people.

Remove the myths from your mind and analyse the facts and advantages of Lasik surgery. This surgery has now become one of the most demanded and popular cure of all types of vision problem.

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