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    Common Vision Problems & lasik surgery in mumbai

    Human beings have 5 sense organs; Ear, Eyes, Nose, Tongue and Skin. Each of these serves a very specific and important purpose. Out of the 5 senses accorded to human beings by nature, it is the eye and the sense of vision that perhaps scores over the rest. Our eye is the window that connects us to the rest of the world outside. Color, shapes, patterns, designs, people and even our surroundings, all acquire a sense of reality because through our eyes, our brain is able to appreciate the diversity present all around us.

    The working of eye and mechanism of vision is a complex process. Each of the different parts of an eyeball has a very specific function and the entire mechanism must operate in perfect synchronization to produce a clear and sharp image. While the pupil, cornea and lens are primarily concerned with focusing on the object and controlling the amount of light that enters the eye, it is the retina that finally transmits the focused signal to the visual cortex in the brain, where the signal is encoded in an image.

    Understand your eyeglass prescription

    Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and cataract are some very common disorders of vision. First and foremost, it is important to understand what does the word diopter mean? This term is used to describe the optical power of a curved mirror or lens. Some prescriptions have OD and OS written on them. These are abbreviations for oculus dexter and oculus sinister, Latin words for right and left eye.

    Next to understand is the word ‘’sphere’’ or ‘’spherical’’. These terms mean that the correction for farsightedness or nearsightedness is ‘’spherical’’ or equal in all meridians. If there is a minus sign under this heading, it means you are nearsighted, and if there is a plus (+) sign or no sign at all, it means you are farsighted. The term ‘’cylinder’’ or ‘’cylindrical’’ is used to indicate the power for astigmatism. If your prescription is positive for astigmatism, then the ‘’axis’’ must also be calculated. This is denoted by the word ‘’x’’. Lasik surgery in Mumbai is state of the art Lasik center for treating these disorders of vision.

    Disorders of Vision

    • Long sightedness or hyperopiain this condition, the patient has no difficulty in seeing distant object, but is unable to focus on near objects. The power of glasses or lens to correct this are denoted with a (+) sign 
    • Short sightedness or myopiaIn this condition, the patient is able to focus close objects easily but is unable to focus on distant objects. The power of lens to correct this is denoted with a (-) sign 
    • Astigmatismthis disorder of vision arises due to an uneven surface of the cornea. As a result, parts of an object are focused clearly while other parts are blurred or hazy. Cylindrical lens and axis correction helps in correcting this kind of vision. Lasik surgery has been immensely successful in providing long term cure for astigmatism. 
    • CataractCataract is an occurrence of old age mostly. However, sometimes young individuals too develop opacity of lens, but these are rare cases. If left untreated, cataract causes complete blindness. In cataract, the natural lens, which is clear and crystalline, gets clouded and hazy. This is because of the breakdown of proteinaceous substances within the lens. Cataract can be treated successfully by surgical removal of the opaque, worn out lens and replacing it with a new Intra Ocular Lens. By using Phaco technology, the old lens and the cataract within it, is broken down into small pieces via high frequency waves. Through a small incision the old lens is removed and a new one is put in its place. It is a safe and fast procedure and barely requires 1 day of hospital stay. 

    In case you think that your symptoms match the ones given above, then it is highly recommended to get your eyes tested and consult with your ophthalmologist.


    Enroll Today - FREE Lasik Consulation, Special Offer or Call Back

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