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    AM I A LASIK CANDIDATE – Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai

    Lasik or laser assisted in situ keratomileusis is a boon for medical science. With this technology, doctors are able to correct errors in visions and correct disorders like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Depending upon the initial degree of error, the patient will either be completely free from using contact lenses or glasses post procedure, or use a new power, albeit very low.

    Lasik eye laser surgery in Mumbai is at par with the best centers in the world and only the most qualified and experienced surgeons perform Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai.

    I am a lasik candidate in delhi

    Each patient case is different and doctors adhere to the following basic criteria before deciding whether or not you should undergo the procedure. These factors are discussed in details below:

    Age : Minimum age as required for Lasik surgery is 18 years

    Eye Health: there are a few conditions, which are an absolute contraindication for performing Lasik. Some of the most important ones are: 

    • Thin Cornea– This is perhaps the most crucial facet determining the feasibility and success of Lasik. During the procedure, a small part of the corneal tissue is removed for correcting the refractive error. Thus it is very important that the cornea is thick enough to withstand this procedure. Patients with thin cornea are thus not good candidates for Lasik, although this too is being resolved with newer and better machines. The minimum thickness of residual stromal bed after surgery must be within 250 – 300 micrometers.
    • Patients with high power– People who are suffer from high degree of refractive errors are not good candidates either. This is because with higher the errors, more corneal tissue needs to be removed.
    • Abnormal corneal curvature– Abnormality in curvature and shape of the cornea reveals that your cornea is weaker than an average person and so will not be able to withstand the procedure
    • Large pupils and Previous refractive surgeries– patients who have large pupils are more prone to developing halos, glares or other night vision issues. Patients who have previously undergone Radial Keratotomy are also unsuitable candidates for Lasik
    • Dry eyes– people who have excessive dry eyes are an absolute contraindication for Lasik. This is because during the procedure, some corneal nerves are cut and they are responsible (partially) for secreting tears. Thus in patients with dry eyes, the symptoms of redness, burning and tearing will get affected more

    General health status of the patient:  The overall health status of the patient plays an important role in determining the final outcome and success of the procedure. As a result, patients suffering from some conditions, which will affect the healing of the eye post procedure, are advised to refrain from Lasik. These conditions are:

    • Collagen Vascular disease
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Uncontrolled diabetes
    • Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjorgens disease, lupus
    • Women who are pregnant or nursing must avoid Lasik as this can alter the hormonal status of the body.

    Career and lifestyle: Post Lasik, there is a lifelong risk of Lasik Flap Dislocation, although the risk is very small and almost negligible. However there are certain activities that can increase the risk of this, and so it is important to evaluate your hobbies and activities before you undergo this procedure. People in sports like wrestling, martial arts, boxing or such contact sports are not good candidates for the surgery. Also, some organizations prohibit refractive surgeries like military services. Thus is advisable to first speak to your employer before deciding the future course of the procedure.  

    Lasik is a very simple are safe procedure although it thus require careful patient screening, complete and thorough medical history of the person. Thus is very important that you choose your doctor and center for the procedure wisely and carefully.

    Lasik surgery in Mumbai is performed by doctors who trained internationally and have years of experience behind them. Lasik in Mumbai has world-class doctors and machines to offer you the best possible outcome post procedure.

    Enroll Today - FREE Lasik Consulation, Special Offer or Call Back

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