Lasik Laser Surgery is most safe, reliable, effective method of permanent removal of glasses & contact lens. LASIK Laser technology permanently changes the shape of the cornea (the clear covering on the front of the eye) to remove glasses or contact lenses. This surgery will improve the vision of your eye and eliminate or less dependency on glasses and contact lenses. This treatment is for those patients who are having myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism and this will rectify this problem of one’s eyesight.  You can opt for finest centres for Lasik surgery in Mumbai, as Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai is known for best technology and great expertise of Eye Surgeons in Lasik .

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Candidates before going under a Lasik treatment must fulfill the following criteria;

Age : A patient must be of 18 years of age before he or she take appointment for having a Lasik surgery

Health of patient: Patient should not be under any other medical treatment. A Patient having uncontrolled diabetes or collagen vascular disease cannot have this surgery. 

Problems with the eyes:  There may be various eye problems such as, problems regarding amblyopic or lazy eyes, strabismus or imbalance in eye muscles etc. Again, there may any kind of recurrent, problems of active eye condition and any other residual problems, which may create healing problems under Lasik operation. Hence, the patient should these matters with eye specialists before deciding to have a Lasik surgery. In addition, the patient must be mentally prepared before having Lasik and must discuss the mental health status with doctors.

Checking on eye health: Before going under a Lasik surgery, patients need to discuss with doctors. There may be problems of glaucoma, cataracts, retinal problems, corneal problems, and disease of the optic nerve. Checking of these is important as corneal thickness has an important role in this Lasik Surgery. As a International standard, a 250-μm residual stromal bed (RSB) is fairly accepted as the minimum tissue that must remain after Lasik Surgery; however, some surgeons have more conservative approach – prefers to keep 300-μm residual stromal bed (RSB). Hence, it is the responsibility of eye specialists to verify these problems thoroughly and then suggest the patients for having a Lasik eye surgery. Any patient may have any type of eye injury. Every eye specialist should take this matter for further verification. Patients are having dry eyes problems then they must not go for a Lasik treatment.

Lasik is not for a pregnant patient: An Ophthalmologist should avoid Lasik surgery of those patients who are under the course of pregnancy. This is because; there may be some effects on hormones.

Stability in vision: Patient’s vision status must be stable almost for one year prior to this surgery.

Proper consultation: Patient must have a proper and authentic consultation with an eye specialist. An eye specialist will inform the patient in detail regarding the problems that the patient has. Also before going for a Lasik surgery patient should consult with the specialist regarding the authenticate place to have that surgery. We all know, Lasik in Mumbai is very common & famous due to availability of best lasik technology, best expertise & reasonable rates.

Hence, from the above it is quite clear that if we want to have Lasik surgery, then we at first we must have a proper consultation with a doctor. Then, after having confirmation from doctors, patients should decide on where they will get the best treatment. However, all know it that Lasik laser surgery in Mumbai is best within India.

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