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    Cost of Lasik Surgery & Best Discount in Mumbai 

    Ever since Lasik was first introduced 20 years ago, it fast established itself as the treatment of choice to correct errors of vision like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The safety and efficacy of Lasik convinced people all over the world to use it and in the process helped them decrease the reliance on glasses and contact lenses. While many people enjoyed the benefits of Lasik, many others refrained from using it because of unfounded concerns of unaffordability and high cost of the treatment. A number of factors come into play when the overall cost of Lasik Laser is determined, and even then, the average expenditure on Lasik is low enough to suit every pocket.

    The different prices of Lasik are due to different Lasik Technologies in Market, location in mumbai, level of expertise of Lasik Surgeon. With the evolution in Lasik technologies various categories are formed as newer & better Lasik Technologies are introduced for precise, accurate & predictable outcomes. In current time, standard Lasik is almost obsolete, most of Lasik Surgeons or centre prefers to go for at least Customized Lasik or higher one.    

    To understand what controls the cost of Lasik surgery, it is important to first get familiarized with the procedure of Lasik and kind of Laser involved at each step. Lasik procedure commences with the creation of a ‘’corneal flap’’ to reach the underlying corneal tissue. There are 2 ways this flap is created; by using a device called as ‘Microkeratome’ or by using Intralase Blade Free Lasik.  Microkeratome is a handheld device and attached to it are metallic blades that cut through the top layers of the corneal tissue to reach the corneal matrix. The flap created by using Microkeratome is 140-190 microns thick.

    The next method to create the ‘corneal flap’ is by using 100% Blade free Intralase Lasik. Customized WaveFront Lasik, SBK Lasik and Aspheric Lasik are newer treatment options in Lasik and they all utilize Blade Free Lasik for the surgery. The flap created by Intralase is considerably thinner, in the range of 90-110 microns. Thin flap reduce corneal strength by just 3% – 7% as compared to 40%-60% with traditional Lasik. Furthermore, the chances of developing side effects and complications are much less with Blade free approach. It is because of Blade Free Lasik that cases which were previously unsuitable for surgery on account of thin cornea too can undergo the procedure. This technology is now the preferred method employed by almost all Lasik surgeons and Lasik centers.

    The final cost of Lasik treatment depends on the kind of Laser used, the center at which the procedure takes place and also the expertise of the Lasik surgeon. While regular Lasik will cost you less, it does come with a higher risk of developing complications. On the other hand, Blade free Lasik is marginally more costly, it substantially decreases the risk of any side effect or complication and offers much better results. At the end, you can decide the best treatment modality for yourself based on the level of risk you are willing to take and the expertise of the doctor who treats you. Low risk procedures and highly experienced surgeon do offer better outcome..

    We at Lasik in Mumbai strive to get the lowest possible prices for the most appropriate Lasik surgery at the hands of best Lasik surgeons in Mumbai for you.

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