Cost of Lasik Surgery & Discount

The different prices of Lasik are due to different Lasik Technologies in Market, location in mumbai, level of expertise of Lasik Surgeon. With the evolution in Lasik technologies various categories are formed as newer & better Lasik Technologies are introduced for precise, accurate & predictable outcomes. In current time, standard Lasik is almost obsolete, most of Lasik Surgeons or centre prefers to go for at least Customized Lasik or higher one.    

The Lasik cost varies depending upon which technology one chooses, LASIK traditionally involves 2 main steps to reshape the cornea and improve vision: 1) creation of the corneal flap which is then folded back and 2) application of Lasik Laser pulses to reshape the middle surface of the cornea to remove glasses power. The LASIK flap is currently created with the use of a mechanical instrument – the microkeratome – which uses a surgical blade to create the flap. With blade technology creates little thicker flap leaving lesser thickness to remove glasses power. However, Intralase Blade Free Lasik is costlier, which is a thin flap Lasik provides a safer and more accurate method to create the precise corneal flap without using any mechnical instrument such as blade. With Blade Free Lasik, better thickness is left behind to do number correction & even the corneal strength is much better compare to with Blade Lasik. Although Blade Free is advisable for all Lasik cases, yet now it is the hope for cases unfit for Lasik to go in for Glasses removal with Blade Free Lasik TechnologyLasik Laser Eye Surgery Cost at Our Centre

Standard Wavefront Lasik Surgery (both Eyes) Rs 18000
Customized Wavefront Lasik Surgery (Both Eyes) Rs 23000
Advanced Aspheric Customized Wavefront Lasik Surgery (both Eyes) Rs 28000
SBK Thin Flap Optimized Lasik Surgery (both Eyes) Rs 35000
SBK Thin Flap Advanced Aspheric Lasik Surgery (both Eyes) Rs 40000
100% Blade Free Intralase Advanced Aspheric Lasik Surgery (both Eyes) Rs 70000
Contoura Vision with SBK Technology (both Eyes) Rs 42000
Contoura Vision Robotic (both Eyes) Rs 65000
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