Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis is a non-invasive method which was first performed back in 1987 in North America. Ever wondered how this non-invasive technique which is one of the safest medical practices in modern medicine works? Here are step-by-step points that will help you understand the procedure of LASIK treatment.

  1. An solution is applied for eye to get numbed –

Before the LASIK treatments begin, the technicians will apply eye numbing solutions that the patient’s eye numbed for anywhere between 10 minutes and 15 minutes.

  1. Application of Moisturizer –

It is essential to keep the eye moist and thus, competent moisturizers suitable for operation are used to keep the eye moist during the operation.

  1. Creation of Flap –

It is the only invasive procedure in LASIK treatment. The Flap which is known as Corneal Flap covers the Cornea and protects any foreign particle to penetrate into the eye. The flap is created using precision flap-making instruments. Here, the doctor shines a fixation light in the eye after which flap is folded.

  1. Laser is beamed –

Now that the corneal flap is in its place, a laser i.e. excimer laser is pointed at the affected area and few short bursts are shot to achieve the correction.

  1. Closing of Flap –

After the vision is corrected, the doctors will close the flaps using agents and then apply surface certain solutions that speed up the healing procedure.

  1. Full Recovery Process –

It barely takes few minutes for the corneal flap to heal and within a day or two, the patient becomes ready to join his/her work. However, rest and other precautionary measures are prescribed to escalate the healing and recovery process.

LASIK has proven its caliber a lot of times. After LASIK Laser Eye Surgery, people have reported having achieved perfect 20/20 vision or more without wearing contacts or eyeglasses.

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