Myopia, Hyperopia or any other refractive defect can have a great impact on one’s self-confidence as wearing a spectacle is often frustrating and uncool in some places around the world. Although wearing an eyeglasses help restore the lost vision and making you able to read and do stuff that you couldn’t have without proper vision like reading, driving, etc., it does have its flip side. Now that a various number of alternatives are available for correcting eye defect (Lasik Laser Eye Surgery), here are few reasons that will motivate you to ditch those heavy and ‘uncool’ glasses.

  • Eyeglasses are expensive –

Wearing eyeglasses aren’t just uncool but most of the time, it is expensive as well. When you walk into an optical retailer, you would have been fascinated and exciting about getting eyeglasses; however, the price tag could have hammered you down. With hundreds of colors, frames, lens type, and other variables, the price could actually reckon up and with an increase in the power i.e. focal length required to correct your vision, the price could skyrocket as well. The prices are often high because of monopoly in the optical business of a bigger organization which has the motive to crunch more profit.

  • Eyeglasses are inconvenient –

The list is quite long when it comes to inconvenience in wearing eyeglasses. Swimming, watching a 3D movie or sipping a hot cup of coffee are few of them. The problem reckons if you break your eyeglass which has its own aftermaths.

  • Get your eye checked and get your eyeglasses updated –

Whoever wears eyeglasses is completely aware of getting their eye checked after every six months or year. Also, updating the lenses to fit your required focal length is both stressful and expensive. Then again, as age progresses, you would need bifocal eyeglasses which need to be updated every year.

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