Precision while operating

The technicians and doctors responsible for LASIK surgery conceive a map of patient’s eye before the operation wherein the region which has caused the vision to weaken or the affected area is marked. Upon operation, the technicians cut the corneal flap and then a laser assisted beam shots several short bursts of a laser on the affected area, therefore, inducing improved vision. The cornea starts healing immediately after the surgery and thus, LASIK is often the best option for faster recovery.

Faster Recovery

 LASIK is a Laser assisted non-invasive technique. LASIK is practiced for vision correction where the doctors use laser assisted machinery to operate on the affected eye. LASIK promises a faster recovery with all thanks to its non-invasive nature. During a LASIK Surgery, the flap of Cornea is the only physical thing that is cut (not fully) after which a laser treats the affected area. After the surgery, the flap is closed and it normally takes just a couple of hours for the cornea to heal and restore the vision back. Lasik laser eye surgery can also help achieve 20/20 vision or more and all that takes just a couple of day’s right from surgery to healing completely.

A week time is enough for healing

LASIK is a non-invasive technique as so much that only the flap opening procedure is categorized as invasive. Right from the LASIK surgery, it barely takes few days for complete healing. Moreover, a cover is provided to the patient to protect his/her eyes from dust or debris which escalates the healing process. A patient can resume work in just a week after the surgery after following the given precautions and regime.

Precautionary Measures

There are certain precautionary measures that are prescribed for a faster recovery, like, Wear Cover or Protective Sunglasses, Take Rest, Take days off, Avoid strenuous activities and consume proper medication on time.  These all precautions speed up the overall recovery of LASIK patients.

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