What is the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Mumbai

Lasik eye surgery process is definitely a life changing procedure because it restores the normal vision. Doctors before performing the surgery looks at the overall health condition, the presence of eye disease and age because these three are the factors that determines the speedy recovery from the surgery. The more the Lasik surgeon is experienced and there is less possibility of any complication and errors. It ensures the 100% accuracy in the process. So it is very important to consult the best Lasik surgeon in Mumbai. The Lasik Laser Eye Surgery cost varies from Rs 25,000 to Rs 90,000 Both Eyes in Mumbai depending upon centre & location after all the discounts & offers.

A specialized laser beam is used for the surgery where the surgeon makes a flap on the surface of the cornea. Then the shape of the cornea is corrected by focusing another laser beam below the flap. The remolding of the cornea is also done by the laser. The curvature changes the light rays get focused at the right point.

Generally the patience suffers from mild complication for few days like blurred vision but later everything is fixed and the vision is clear. In some cases where the patients are suffering from astigmatism of high severity may take few more days to recover completely. There are minor problems like pain and irritation that may persists for few weeks. Doctors prescribe medicines to cure the problems based on the signs and symptoms a patient have.

At Centre for Lasik you will get best Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai for your eyes at minimum cost. The result obtained after the Lasik treatment are just amazing. It corrects the vision and brings back the confidence of patients.

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