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    Keratoconus Treatment (C3R & INTACS) in mumbai

    In a healthy eye, a dense network of protein fibers, known as collagen, help to keep the strength and the stability of the cornea intact. As a result, the shape of the cornea us maintained, the pressure inside the eye is regulated and there is no obstruction in vision.

    In some patients, however, there is an inherent deficiency in the number of collagen fibers and the ones that are present weak and unable to provide sufficient support to the eyeball. As a result, the cornea starts to bulge and protrudes outwards like a cone. This condition is called as Keratoconus, which appears to run in families.

    Patients who have Keratoconus are an absolute contraindication for treatment with any kind of ablative Laser technique. These people will have high degrees of refractive errors owing to an irregular corneal surface. The correction of refractive errors in these patients requires a very different approach and careful considerations so as to maintain or increase the corneal stability. INTACTS and C3R are two novel approaches to treat patients of Keratoconus and both techniques have yielded impressive results in the past.


    C3R Procedure or Treatment in Mumbai

    Corneal Collagen Cross-Lining with Riboflavin has shown to increase the strength of the weak corneal structure. This technique helps to improve the cross linkages between the neighboring fibers of collagen present in the stromal lamellae. Increased cross linkages dramatically improve the strength and stability of the cornea.

    In the above figure, figure A represents a healthy eye in which light is focused clearly on the retina. In contrast, the eye of a patient of Keratoconus, due to a bulged out cornea, fails to focus the light on the retina but rather scatters it, which in turn produces a distorted vision.

    C3R is an outpatient procedure and barely takes 1 hour. The eyes are treated with special riboflavin eye drops, which get absorbed in the cornea and enters the fluid in the front part of the eye. The eye is then exposed to a controlled amount of UV light. The UV light activates the Riboflavin, which increases the collagen cross linkages. This simple procedure helps to increase the structural stability and strength of the cornea.

    The procedure is especially beneficial to those patients whose keratoconus is progressing continuously. Post procedure, you will be asked to put eye drops fro several days and you will have contact lens bandage for few days. After about 3 months, you cornea will stabilize and then you can consider contact lenses or glasses, if so required. While the procedure has almost no risks, the ones that are seen sometimes are

    • Reduced visual acuity
    • Reduced ability to wear hard contact lenses
    • Corneal infection

    The success of this treatment can be determined form the fact, that after procedure, the corneal strength improves radically to the extent that some doctors even use excimer laser to correct the residual error in refraction. However since the risk is unacceptably high, it is not recommended often.


    INTACS Surgery in Mumbai

    These are thin prescription inserts placed in the outside or periphery of the cornea. These inserts reshape the curvature of the cornea from inside and not by removing any corneal tissue. Using Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segment Technology, Surgeon inserts INTACS -a thin semi-circular rings into the mid layer of keratoconus cornea. It flatten the cornea by changing the shape and location of the cone , improving the vision. Now comprehensive treatment of Keratoconus, using world’s best & innovative technology – INTRALASETM

    Keratoconus Surgery in Delhi

    INTACTS can correct myopia between the ranges of -1 to -3 D and are often used as a supportive therapy with C3R. Intact work by flattening the curvature of the cornea, and thus bring about correction of myopia. It is like flattening the dome of a tent by pushing at its sides.

    By adding ultra thin ring segments, the shape of the cornea is changed and this in turn corrects the problem of myopia and astigmatism. Furthermore, after the corneal curvature has been reduced, it is often noticed that the patient can now wear and tolerate contact lenses better. New INTACTS SK is designed to treat people with more severe keratoconus.

    During the procedure a very small incision is made to insert INTCTS. The incision is sutured and the stich is removed after 3 months, the time period required for the cornea to be reshaped and get stabilized.

    After the cornea has stabilized, you can use contact lenses or glasses if need be so. While the procedure is very safe, there are some risks that might develop post procedure. They are:

    • Corneal infection
    • Reduced visual Acuity
    • Extrusion of the implant
    • Glares or other visual problems if the pupil is wider than the INTACT insert

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