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    Which Lasik TechnologY is best in mumbai

    Lasik has dramatically affected the lives of those who are dependent on glasses and contact lenses in-order to improve their vision. In the last 20 years, it has helped patients of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism to radically change the way deal with this aberration.. As a state of the art medical technology, Lasik continued to undergo changes and modifications over the years so as to further increase its gamut of activity and eliminate or decrease any possible complications and side effects.

    The Lasik technology available today is much superior and has years of research and innovation behind it. The spectrum of people who are now treated successfully by Lasik includes even those who were previously considered unfit for surgery. While the excimer laser with its inimitable ability to re shape corneal surface to correct the underlying aberration is the gold standard of Lasik surgery, new Lasik technologies like SBK Lasik, WaveFront Lasik or CustomVue Lasik help the previously considered unfit patients of thin corneas.

    A number of factors come into play when deciding the kind of Lasik to be used on a particular patient. The size of pupil, corneal thickness, degree of error in vision along with the budget of the patient and expertize of the surgeon all amalgamate to determine the procedure most suited for a particular patient.

    All Lasik Laser Systems are approved by the FDA and meet the prescribed effectiveness and safety criteria. All Lasik Laser technologies are fundamentally the same, albeit some differences in terms of tracking system and pattern of delivery of the laser beam.

    Flying Spot Scanning Lasers and Slit Scanning Lasers are the 2 kinds of Laser beams currently used in FDA sanctioned Lasik machines in Mumbai. With the help of these two Lasers, the surgeon is able to distinctly outline the aberration in the entire optical system, and, at the same time reshape the surface of the cornea to deliver sharper and clearer vision. WaveFront technology uses both slit scanning and flying spot scanning Lasik to offer a customized treatment for individual patients based on their own unique eye anatomy.

    The kinds of Lasik used along with expertize of the surgeon and suitability of the patient all plays an important role in determining the final success of the procedure.

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