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    What if I am unfit Lasik

    Lasik is fact becoming a popular, safe and permanent alternative to correct disorders of vision. While the procedure itself is safe, easy and fast, there are some very important precautions that must be adhered to so that the procedure remains safe and the outcome is what you expect.

    Patient selection is the cornerstone on which the safety and success of the procedure depends. For this reason, your eye surgeon will first perform a comprehensive eye examination to rule out other diseases of eye. Also a thorough physical examination will be performed at the center to ensure that you have a good health. Apart from these, a number of factors come into play to decide your candidature for Lasik. Some of the most important factors that decide whether you are fit or unfit for the procedure are mentioned below:

    • You must be 18 years of age
    • Your vision must be stable for the last one year. This means that you have worn glasses or contacts lenses of the same power for at least 1 year before attempting correction. This is a very important criterion for patient selection and based on this alone, your doctor can reject your case and ask you to wait till the time you have a stable vision.
    • Pregnant women are unfit for Lasik Laser Surgery
    • People suffering from uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, active infection or inflammation of eyes are unfit for surgery
    • Patients with a history of ocular herpes are unfit for Lasik
    • People with large pupils, irregular or thin corneas are also unfit for surgery
    • Patients who are nurses professionally are also unfit for Lasik

    To know more about whether you qualify for Lasik Laser Surgery, you can either read the International guideline for Lasik surgery or book an appointment with your ophthalmologist to evaluate your case personally.

    People, who for some reason are declared unfit for Lasik Laser, need not fret or worry. There are some other promising alternatives that can successfully slacken the dependency on glasses. Some such options are:



    Enroll Today - FREE Lasik Consulation, Special Offer or Call Back

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