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    RELEX SMILE Lasik Surgery in Delhi

    ReLEx SMILE EYE SURGERY, Rs 1 Lakh both eyes, is a newer technique for refractive vision correction without a creating flap, as it is done in Lasik Laser Vision Correction. It uses only a small side incision through which only a trained surgeon on ReLEx SMILE Surgery removes the refractive lenticule, thus leaving the anterior lamellae of the cornea intact. ReLEx- technology does not require excimer laser for vision correction. Currently this technology is available only Visumax machine by Carl Ziess

    ReLEx SMILE LASER EYE Surgery is performed using Visumax machine by Carl Ziess making a small side incision in the cornea which measures less than 4 mm in length. The lenticule or a disc shaped tissue of the cornea is created to do the vision correction. The lenticule is then removed through the side incision. Once the lenticule is removed causing the changes in the cornea necessary to correct the refractive error in the eye.

    ReLEx SMILE Laser EYE SURGERY is most innovative approach for vision correction which is 100% blade free, flap free &  pain-free treatment. ReLEx SMILE procedure offers maximum safety, precision & comfort for vision correction and has taken vision correction to the next level.


    relex smile lasik surgery in mumbai

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    Advantages of the SMILE technology:

    • Flapless procedure – eliminates traumatic flap displacement or dislodgement concerns
    • Enhanced choice for patients having higher refraction values
    • A small incision preserves more corneal nerves from the procedure, resulting in less dry eye discomfort
    • Minimal Invasive Procedure – Less chance of infections or ingrowth of tissue
    • Faster healing of cornea but visual recovery take more time compare to Lasik Surgery.

    Possible Complications

    These are the few complication one can face:

      • The most likely being loss of suction during the lamellar cuts. In this event, the procedure can simply be aborted with no risk to the patient’s vision. Surgeon can plan procedure at a later date, or the patient can be switched to LASIK or PRK.
      • The other risk unique to ReLEx SMILE is incomplete lenticule removal; for re procedure surgeon has to sift to conventional Lasik which sometime difficult
      • In the event that ReLEx SMILE patients do not achieve target refraction and require enhancement, options include PRK or, ideally, thin-flap LASIK. The latter is feasible so long as 1) the original ReLEx SMILE procedure was done with a thick enough cap to leave space for a new flap plus the ablation, 2) the maximum epithelial thickness is confirmed before making the new flap to avoid a buttonhole, and 3) the residual stromal thickness below the lenticule is above the standard LASIK safety limits (which is not necessary for a primary ReLEx SMILE procedure).

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